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    Scrumptious, Homemade Desserts by NJ’s Splurge Bakery

    • Jul 27, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    Since 2006, Splurge Bakery has supplied the NY/NJ area with delicious, homemade baked goods that are made with the finest ingredients in the area. The company formed out of a family’s love for desserts and a desire to provide a unique, customizable touch to tasty party gifts and favors. Now in Milburn, NJ, Splurge Bakery has added that extra, memorable touch to office parties, birthday bashes, evening galas and more. Nothing beats the first forkful of cake or the first bite of a gooey, chocolate chip cookie—Splurge Bakery ensures it won’t be the last.

    Hudson Mod Magazine 5th Anniversary CelebrationBrownies, bars, cakes and whoopie pies: Splurge Bakery has it all. For all different tastes and desires, Splurge Bakery has the fruity, the nutty and the all-around sweet, with fruit & nut bars, expertly crafted, yummy cupcakes (chocolate, peanut butter, red velvet and others) and a whole host of specialty cookies that look as good as they taste. Splurge Bakery’s logo, photo and decorated cookies are also completed with finesse, whether they feature a company’s logo or a photograph of a happy memory on a special day.

    To offer even more in terms of customization, Splurge Bakery allows patrons a host of sizing options for their baked goods. Their cakes, for example, can be made with up to six layers and be 14in. tall. Their logo, photo and decorated cookies, in a number of sizes, colors and shapes, can even feature your own drawing. Cake pops and push-up pops, in different colors and flavors, are always available as well.

    ColorfulCakeRegarding catering, Splurge Bakery works hard to fulfill your party needs. Dessert bars and party platters are customized to fit party color schemes, signature platters are artfully designed to catch your guests’ eyes and shipments of edible holiday and celebration gifts are ready to be ordered at patrons’ requests. Every order, whether catered or not, is individually wrapped and bagged.

    Also, don’t forget: Splurge Bakery hosts kids’ birthday parties, private events and baking/decorating classes! At birthday parties, kids get to decorate their own cakes and cookies and have a cupcake war (among other things). The classes regularly differ, so check Splurge Bakery’s website for more information. (Right, now it’s #SharkWeek!)

    For more information on anything noted above (including prices), consult Splurge Bakery’s website. You can also call ahead or place an order at (973) 379-0740.