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    Senté Brings a Sleek, Futuristic Aesthetic to the Anti-Aging Market

    • Jul 8, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    For a luxurious, futuristic aesthetic, one needs to try Senté’s unique line of science-based skincare products. Senté devotes itself to innovating the cosmetic industry with its research into Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and its creation of Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), two molecules that redefine anti-aging and healthy skin. Senté is the only brand that contains HSA technology, a bioengineered form of Heparan Sulfate (HS), placing it ahead of the anti-aging competition.


    Senté’s Dermal Repair Cream.

    Marked by their sleek, blue and white coloring, each Senté product is designed for the ever-changing, modern age. By adopting Senté into one’s daily routine, users will find a sense of satisfaction both from the refined look of the bottles and the glow Senté brings to their skin.

    A range of products are available, such as Senté’s Dermal Repair Cream. Senté formulates this cream with HSA, which has been proven to refine photodamaged or otherwise roughened skin. Vitamins A & E, camellia leaf extract and sodium hyaluronate function alongside HSA, offering support in the battle against aging. After approximately two weeks, skin becomes smoother and firmer to the touch. By the fourth, the effects of aging are ameliorated, giving one’s tone a more youthful glow—a total 93% of subjects reported a distinct lack of fine lines and wrinkles at this time.


    Senté’s Bio Complete Serum

    There’s also the Bio Complete Serum, a lightweight, nighttime formula, which is paraben free and non-comedogenic. HSA, retinol and retinyl safflowerate empower skin’s texture during the night, but not at the expense of irritation. 100% of subjects joyfully presented firmer, smoother skin by the eighth week of use.

    For more of a focus on the eyes, Senté offers Intensive Eye Therapy, a blend of HSA, palmitoyl tetrapeptide, caffeine and more. The skin around the eyes becomes notably smoother, as dark circles and wrinkles diminish in size. Both hydrating and moisturizing, any individual will benefit from using this cream. Testing has also approved Intensive Eye Therapy for contact lens wearers.

    For the neck area, Senté has its Neck Firming Cream, which similarly combats wrinkles, texture and skin tone. On top of HSA, this firming cream includes caffeine, methylsilanol mannuronate and sandalwood extract to moisturize the neck area.


    Senté’s Pollution Shield

    Lastly, Senté has its own sunscreen, entitled “Pollution Shield,” with an SPF of 46. Applicable to the entire body, Pollution Shield protects users from harmful pollutants and detoxifies the skin. Unlike other sunscreens, however, Pollution Shield allows skin to breathe at the same time it revitalizes destresses.

    For more information on Senté and its wide range of products, please visit Senté’s website here. Senté also provides a collection of ‘Before & After’ photographs, so that those interested can see that improvements in their skin’s health and texture are guaranteed.