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    WHAT’S HOT: Silhouette InstaLift

    • Feb 4, 2018

    • By:Emma Reynolds

    DrFew PSP headshotDr. Julius Few, MD blends surgical and nonsurgical treatments for a natural-looking appearance. Hot on the menu right now? The Silhouette InstaLift, touted as one of the best noninvasive procedures that mimics a facelift. Dr. Few’s institute has the most experience in North America performing the procedure.

    WHAT IT IS: “The Silhouette InstaLift is a U.S. FDA-approved nonsurgical, minimally invasive cheek or mid-facelift,” says Dr. Few. “It is a system that is put in without surgery or general anesthesia and involves a small pinprick in the skin at strategic points along the central and lower parts of the face.” Used in the neck or problem areas of the face, the procedure helps to re-suspend anatomy that has fallen with aging. The technique involves a fully biodegradable stitch material made up of complex sugar. “Over the course of nine to 12 months, the thread material gets replaced with the body’s own collagen, and that’s what’s responsible for the effect lasting at least 18 months,” Dr. Few says. “The Silhouette InstaLift has become one of the top cosmetic procedures because of what it offers,” he says.

    IDEAL CANDIDATE: This procedure is for someone who wants no downtime rejuvenation. “The ideal candidate is a man or woman who is in their late-30s to late-40s,” says Dr. Few. “Someone who has the beginning of jowls or some sagging under the chin is going to do amazingly well.”

    BENEFITS: The Silhouette InstaLift provides immediate results for clients. “Most patients won’t even have much in the way of a visible bruise or swelling,” Dr. Few says. “The procedure can be done and they can go right back to work.” The results are consistent homeruns. “They look natural, not overdone or pulled.”

    WHAT TO CONSIDER: Reasonable expectations. “It will not last forever,” says Dr. Few. “It’s possible it’ll last two to three years, and it’s easy to supplement if you’re seeing some of the result wear away.” Although Dr. Few says patients are able to return to their normal routine that same day, they should refrain from exercise three to four days after the treatment.

    Intrigued? Here’s where you can go: The Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 568 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065 917-740-1872 By Appointment Only (no walk-ins; patients will need an appointment for treatment and procedure consultations)



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