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    Sipping In Style: Grey Goose

    • Jul 18, 2013

    • By:Michael Scrivner

    Grey Goose has been synonymous with luxury vodka since it was first distilled in 1997. American billionaire Sidney Frank produced the Bacardi-owned brand in France to marry the notion of European excellence and his take on high quality vodka. Today, Grey Goose is respected internationally and is considered by critics to be one of the world’s finest vodkas, having won the San Francisco World Spirits Competition two years in a row.

    The true genius of Grey Goose, however, begins in the field: Soft winter wheat is planted in the Picardy region of France and only Class 1 blé panifiable supérieur is selected—that’s “superior bread-making wheat” in English. The winter wheat is then milled and sent through a five-step distillation process that removes impurities and simultaneously brings out the inherent characteristics that define Grey Goose vodka. Before the vodka touches your lips, Grey Goose puts their batches through 500 quality checks that culminate in a final taste test with the Maître de Chai and his panel. Each bottle is then rinsed with vodka and capped with a signature Grey Goose cork. The stopper is a reminder of France’s winemaking history and Grey Goose’s respect for that immortal legacy.

    Currently, the massive Grey Goose brand is available in five different styles: Original is the classic Grey Goose taste that the world has come to love, Le Poire adds pear essence to the mix, L’Orange is a citrusy break from the norm and Le Citron infuses lemon for a tangy twist. The newest addition to the Grey Goose family, Cherry Noir, promises to be one of their most delicious, dark and rebellious flavors yet. This uncompromising vodka was featured in our swag bags at the HudsonMOD Anniversary Event and Grey Goose served Cherry Noir, lemon-lime soda and grenadine in their signature Summer Luxe cocktail. With each celebratory clink of glasses, Grey Goose continues to solidify itself as the epitome of opulent vodka and Cherry Noir will undoubtedly continue their tradition of excellence.