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    Skyfish Swimwear

    • Apr 17, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    Inspired by marine life such as the elegant spotted eagle ray, the wildly designed triggerfish and the gentle giant megamouth, among other notable finned superstars, the exclusive and luxurious Skyfish Swimwear brand has taken the concept of bikini couture and love of the ocean and combined them into high-concept original and season defining designs. Skyfish Swimwear is manufactured with exceptionally fine fabrics and meticulously designed hardware, which has made this beach- and pool wear some of the hottest in the luxury water fashion world. The designers, Angel Garofalo and Lauren Cameron Pratt also found inspiration in the ideal of love, poetry, the beauty of typography and mixed-media. In fact, the designs incorporated into their signature collection, “Boyfriend Bikinis”, utilize actual poetry and words inspired by the search for love from the designers’ personal experiences. The designer’s concepts are conceived to illustrate that the search for love is full of infinite possibilities, that there are plenty of (Sky)fish in the sea. Go girls!