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    Starlettos: The Stiletto Saviors

    • Aug 10, 2013

    • By:Christin Aswad

    As with every bride, Australian native Ilde Naismith-Beeley had a vision for her wedding: She pictured a beautiful outdoor venue where she would marry the man she loved wearing a stunning wedding dress and the highest, most gorgeous heels she could find. There was just one problem. How was she supposed to wear her dream pair of sky-high stilettos without ruining them in the grass?  After an extensive search to find a solution to her problem, Naismith-Beeley decided to fix it herself.  And thus, Starlettos were born.

    Starlettos are high heel protectors that are placed on the tip of heels to, not only protect heels, but prevent them from sinking into soft ground. They’re made of a highly durable plastic with a non-slip grip interior that holds the heel in place.  What separates Starlettos from other heel stoppers, however, is their fashionable design.  Available in four different colors to pair perfectly with any shoe, the flowerlike design of the Starletto is a stylish complement to your flawless footwear.

    The way Starlettos work is simple. You place the Starletto on the end of your heel where a star-shaped ring of gel-coated plastic cup and cushion it, molding to the exact shape of the heel to keep it securely in place.  Once on, the Starletto expands the heel point by six-times, which better distributes the pressure placed on the heel. This prevents the heel from sinking into soft surfaces and makes the heel easier and more comfortable to walk in. They’re even amazing to wear indoors as the non-slip base of the Starletto prevents the heel from slipping on slick surfaces.

    The unique design of Starlettos has caught attention of industry insiders and shoe-obsessed shoppers alike.  They were hand-selected to be included in the 63rd Annual Emmy Award’s Nominees Gift Bags and have also been featured by dozens of media outlets including Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Nine to Five Magazine. Most recently, VIP guests at the HudsonMOD anniversary event brought home a pair, too.