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    • Jun 8, 2016

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    By Amber Milt

    As a fashion editor and spokeswoman for national brands, the (somewhat) cozy cabin of an airplane has become my home, office and boudoir in the sky. Whether it’s a short shuttle or a long-haul flight, I can confidently say that I’ve mastered the fine art of packing. If you’re a carry-on queen or a check-and-chill gal, these tried-and-tested travel tools will have you breezing through your next aerial commute with style and ease.


    WanderlustGoldJet Set Candy, Wanderlust Bracelet

    If you wear your heart on your sleeve, show off your passion on your wrists. This elegant 14k gold vermeil bracelet will let everyone know you’ve got a serious travel addiction and serious style to go along with it. We get it. We also plan our next trip before the current one ends. Welcome to the club. Available at MyJetSetCandy.com, $248



    Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.48.59 AMSteamline Luggage, Cream Stowaway

    Every once in a while, fun wins over functional. Even today’s most savvy voyager deserves to flaunt her style with flair. The vintage vibe is classic and chic, and you can enjoy this collection beyond the baggage carousel: proudly display them at home instead of storing. Available at SteamlineLuggage.com, $350-$775



    Tumi Q ToteTumi Sinclair, Voyager Q-Tote

    Whether you need a bag for commuting or casual use, this versatile and stylish tote has the perfect combination of features to get you where you need to be with what you need to carry. The concealed back sleeve easily slips on and off your luggage handle, while the numerous zippered pockets keep your belongings safe and organized. Available at Tumi retailers and Tumi.com, $295


    Isabel Marant Scarf


    Isabel Marant, Wicky Cashmere-Gauze Scarf

    The temperature on a plane is inconsistent, which is why you should never leave home without a scarf. This luxuriously soft cashmere wrap is the perfect accessory for all destinations. In warm climates, it doubles as a beach coverup, in cooler climates and evenings as a wrap over a dress. This packable cashmere is a cash-miracle. Available at Net-a-porter.com, $490