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    Stay Ahead Of The Trends

    • Mar 18, 2013

    • By:Amanda Thorogood

    The warm weather and fun fashions that accompany days spent in the sun were in the forefront of everyone’s minds that were lucky enough to attend Bloomingdale’s Fashion Office Picks event on Saturday, March 16.

    As the grey snow fell outside, inside there was an array of colors that we have grown to expect from the spring season’s trendiest designers; a colorful representation of the new season just around the corner.

    With the runway positioned on The New View on 2 amongst some of the more famous designer’s looks—Rachel Zoe, Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg, to name a few—those in attendance got a front row look at the upcoming season’s trends and advice on how to carefully balance out looks by HudsonMOD’s esteemed Fashion Editor, Jorge Ramón. Serving as host, the ever effusive Ramón answered all of the questions you’ve been too timid to ask—are wedge sneakers really in style?—while explaining, in great detail, the best ways to tailor 2013’s trends to complement your personal style.

    As the fashion facts were flying, we managed to capture some of the best tips and our favorite looks for you to file away for your next Bloomingdale’s shopping spree. Before you know it, the bursting palettes of color inside the department store will be matched by the none-too-subtle tones of spring.

    Click on each of the thumbnails below for a fashion tip straight from Jorge Ramón.

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