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    Sundance Film Festival Style Recap

    • Jan 23, 2014

    • By:Engie Hassan

    Set in beautiful ski towns and cities framed by the lofty, golden peaks of the Rockies, Utah plays host every January to one of the largest film festivals in the US—Sundance. The Sundance Institute’s 30th annual independent film festival gave attendees a chance to bundle up in their best casual chic outdoor gear. Unseasonably warm weather and a snow-laden carpet on the ground didn’t stop the boots, chunky knits, wool sweaters, parkas and fur from coming out in full force. As veterans know, preparing the proper attire for Sundance requires a balancing act. On the one hand, attendees need to consider layering up to keep cozy in Park City, Salt Lake City and Ogden. And on the other, attendees will want to add chic and an accent of glam to be in harmony with the well-polished A-list actresses.

    Here is a look at two trendsetting ladies who nailed the sartorial challenge.












    Glam Cool:

    Trendsetters stayed true to the “New Yorker’s Uniform” of leather leggings and layering in all black—which works out West as well—adding dark shades to lend an urban edge, but staying glam with fur accents.

    Perpetuation Shade founder/owner Sasha Hlavinka opted for the all-black aesthetic, rocking out in a chunky beanie with heavy metal, black sneakers and adding a glam contrast with a fur vest.

    StoneField Engineering and Design Brand Director Iman Hussein-Alkilani opted for an all-black look adding glam with an Ushanka

    Glam Hip:

    An eye-catching pair of printed knit leggings tones it down by layering up basic black knits, paired with sturdy black boots keeps the attire feminine and perpetually fresh.

    Sasha: Head to toe black to balance the colorful printed knit pants

    Iman: Layered black and white solids with her black and white printed knit pants keeps her subtle, but also adds the perfect accent; Bold Color YSL bag












    Classic Cool Chic Cream: Iman Layers the cream tones in my favorite way: Keeping it classic with a Chanel beanie, cool with leather leggings and chic with a bold color YSL bag.


    Ladies and Gents: Together they pulled a simple yet refined American uniform of slim blue jeans, warming knits and sturdy boots. But wrapped up within accents of fur, slouchy beanies and sizable sunglasses.























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