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    Supreme and Louis Vuitton

    • Jul 30, 2017

    • By:Alyssa Schiff

    lvFor fashion lovers everywhere, the collection released this summer by Supreme and Louis Vuitton was likely the most anticipated release of the season. This “streetwear meets high fashion” collaboration was initially previewed at the Paris Fashion Week Men’s this January, and is now available across the world in pop-up shops. The collection has even been seen worn on celebrities including Jaden Smith.

    Though many cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing were able to open their pop-up shops in late June. Shoppers are still waiting on whether or not a New York City-based pop up shop will open.

    The collection itself is expansive, it includes phone cases, overalls, sneakers, wallets, jackets, and more. collabNone of the collection is available online officially, though third party sellers are starting to put products out now. The original prices from the pop-up stores themselves were around $500 for a T-shirt, but the resale prices is selling for thousands of dollars.

    Both of these brands have quite a following, and together their pop-up stores have had crowds of thousands lining up for a chance to purchase the products. For those who are not located near one of the few stores selling the items, there is hope that new pop-up’s will open in Vancouver, Honolulu, and other major cities in North America. The streetwear and high fashion crossover is one that has made fashion history, and many will do anything to get a piece of it.



    Images via Hypebeast.imgix.net, Pixel.nymag.com, Brandchannel.com