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    Surprisingly Cozy Getaway At IceHotel

    • Jan 4, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    How might I sway you to vacation in a hotel within the Article Circle that is kept at -8C? Perhaps the hand-sculpted interior, complete with grand columns and abstract archways, would persuade you? Or possibly a plane ride above the Northern Lights could convince you?

    At the lavish IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, the pure beauty of ice is taken to an extravagant and truly fascinating extreme. Built anew every year atop the glimmering Torne River, the IceHotel has become not only a beautiful getaway location, but an ephemeral artistic jewel.

    Located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the IceHotel is actually in the perfect location for a stunning structure of its kind to be constructed. Where else can you see the Northern Lights, a sea of stars engulfing the night sky, and a dog sledding team awaiting your arrival?

    Every year, the hotel is rebuilt by a team of experienced artists who put all their creative energy into developing a dazzling ice structure that rivals the previous years’ creation. Over 300 artists express interest in being recruited for the selective team of only 50 sculptors that sketch and create the magnificent IceHotel. The end result, open to guests beginning in November, is a sparkling igloo that resembles the appearance of a crystal ball. Complete with intricate carvings and iridescent lighting, the IceHotel opens in expected style every year.

    After experiencing all the exciting activities the IceHotel has to offer you’ll never want to lounge on a beach during your vacations—okay, maybe not ever. Saddle an Icelandic horse and venture out to the nearest grazing pasture for your own moose safari. Experience the thrill of a dog sledding adventure and take an ice sculpting class afterward. Or dance the night away in a snowy wonderland, drinking champagne out of icicle glasses in the hotel IceBar. From the moment you wake up to a hot cup of lingonberry juice and saunter off for a trip to the sauna, to drifting to sleep in thermal sleeping bags, you’ll be amazed with how much the IceHotel truly has to offer.