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    Inside HudsonMOD’s Luxury Swag Bags

    • Aug 1, 2014

    • By:Jacqueline Klecak

    For the guests who attended HudsonMOD’s second anniversary celebration, the party continued (long after it was over) as attendees took home luxury-filled, signature swag bags, which consisted of some of the best products from beauty and hair to travel and liqueur. Didn’t get one? Take a sneak peek into some of our most lavish and exclusively-selected items.


    IMG_4716Ecru New York

    Over time a number of reasons may cause damage to our hair, from coloring and heat tools to natural impairments from light, so it’s important to continue restoring moisture to hair. Ecru New York’s assortment of products—Acacia Protein Masque, Acacia Protein BB Cream, Sunlight Finishing Spray and Silk Nectar Serum—is the ultimate hair care solution. The Acacia Protein Masque helps hair retain moisture as well as infuse it with the necessary nutrients. And the best part is acacia collagen is an alternative to animal collagen. Additionally, use the Acacia Protein BB Cream, a beauty balm that’s paraben-free, for hair with body. Like many of Ecru’s products, it’s safe for color-treated hair. Want to protect your hair from the harmful effects of sun? The Sunlight Finishing Spray is a maximum hold hairspray that also shields hair from UV light. And lastly, don’t forget the Silk Nectar Serum before you leave your house. It takes away lackluster hair by adding shine. You can’t go wrong with Ecru’s line of lightweight hair care products made for tackling damage for any situation.


    nab-005_1zNatura Bissé: Diamond Collection

    The Natura Bissé Diamond Collection will soon become your beauty best friend. Why? Between the Diamond Extreme, for skin in need of more intense therapy; the Diamond Extreme Eye, for sculpting and firming the upper and lower lids; the Diamond Drops, for strengthening and protecting skin against stress; and the Diamond Mist, for revitalizing and renewing skin, this four-piece, anti-aging dream team are sure to leave your skin luminous and everyone wondering how you did it. You’ll be left guessing how each product gives your skin energy as you soak up the Mediterranean floral scents. Natura Bissé Diamond Collection provides you with an air of sophistication and mystery, sticking with that everlasting promise: “My skin. My secret.”


    Bbold-for-men-dry-shaving-gel-4oz-bottleold for Men: Dry Shave Gel

    Trying something new is daring: Bold for Men’s Dry Shave Gel is a waterless gel that’s both innovative and practical. Apply the transparent, fragrance-free gel for 30 seconds before shaving to prepare skin. No water necessary—if you’re adventurous enough to change your shaving routine, that is. You’ll reap the benefits by having a clean shave that leaves your skin infused with natural oils and extracts such as eucalyptus. Dab some more of the gel on your skin post-shaving to sooth razor irritation. Bold for Men’s Dry Shave Gel is dedicated to the pressed for time, environmentally-conscious guy. Who can beat a quick, easy shave and a gel that conserves water and does not contain animal products? You’re welcome.



    Tilth Beauty: A Flawless Serdownloadum

    Everything about Tilth Beauty is clean and natural, from the leaves in the logo to the ingredients that make up the age-fighting formula. A Flawless Serum from Tilth Beauty is designed to prepare your skin to receive nutrients such as Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, and Myrtle Leaf Extract. The Retinol unclogs pores, reduces fine lines and speeds cell renewal. The product is also paraben-free, a chemical found in many personal care products that is linked to hormone disruption. Perhaps it’s called A Flawless Serum not only for the impeccable way your skin will look but also because the formula itself is without imperfections.



    Borgata-Hotel-Casino-Spa-622x320Borgata Overnights

    Guests were treated with complimentary one-night stays at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City to enjoy this summer. Whether you take in the signature Atlantic City experience of exciting nightlife or you prefer a more laid-back poolside vacation, the Borgata offers the best of both worlds—a perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment. Your stay could go something like this: Visit the Immersion Spa in the morning for a massage, enjoy an exquisite meal at Bobby Flay’s fine dining restaurant for lunch; head to a comedy show, perhaps Howie Mandel’s, for a good laugh and end the night with a little gambling at the blackjack table, all without leaving the Borgata.



    56579Trapp Fragrance Candles

    Appropriately placed in a house-shaped box, Trapp Fragrance Candles are the perfect addition to your home. With “a bottle of perfume in every candle,” these five-ounce poured candles are sure to set the mood while filling your home with fragrance. With over 70 scents, including Sexy Cinnamon, Sweet Honeysuckle, Ocean Marine, and Mediterranean Fig, each candle has a different personality to suit any occasion, from a quiet evening for two to a party with your friends.




    LashDipLash Dip

    Don’t just temporarily enhance your lashes, train them with the Lash Dip. Recommended by our beauty editor, Leonora Conley, Lash Dip products enhance your lashes without damaging or irritating them, allowing them to grow healthier, fuller and help make them stand out. At your next event, use Lash Fit, an eyelash enhancing serum with a precise sponge brush; Lash Paints, colorful mascaras in bright colors for a dramatic look; and The Vintages, the hand-laid natural lashes that let the lashes do the talking.






    Grey Goose Le Melon

    Grey Goose’s mini bottles Grey-Goose-Le-Melon-Copyof their newest flavor, Le Melon, infuses the taste of treasured melons of Cavaillon, France. These melons, with a honey savor, are said to have inspired artists and been a delicacy among kings for generations. In a campaign called “Celebrating Kings of Culture” Grey Goose and artist Kehinde Wiley set out to combine history with the present by finding modern culture kings and creating handmade portraits of them to introduce their new Le Melon flavor.

    Try this Le Melon cocktail to find out why these French melons are called the “fruit of kings.”


    • GREY GOOSE® Le Melon 1 ½ parts
    • Ginger Beer 3 parts
    • Lime Wedges


    • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add GREY GOOSE® Le Melon and the juice from three lime wedges.
    • Shake well and strain into a copper mug filled with crushed ice.
    • Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge.




    51514Liearc Paris Body Slim

    Transform the appearance of cellulite stricken skin in just two weeks with Body Slim by Lierac Paris. Reduce the appearance of dimpling skin in stubborn areas such as the inner arms and thighs. This cream, which can be applied in the morning or evening, helps firm, shape and lift your skin, restoring its youthful elasticity.






    Hot TStyling_Gel_4dbf8e41c3162ot Hair Styling Gel

    Kids, as well as their hair, can be unruly and with Hot Tot‘s styling gel, you can finally teach your children’s hair how to behave. Created by a mother searching for a hair product especially for children, Hot Tot will control your child’s frizz and soften their curls. And the best part? It’s free of harsh chemicals and has a mild scent. Hot Tot gives products to many charities so families who can’t afford this luxury, but necessity, still get to enjoy it.





    IMG_4728Clive Christian Books

    Imagine: Corinthian columns in your walk-in closet, an abstract patterned rug as the perfect counterpart to your classic piano room. Clive Christian’s British Luxury Interiors will take you one step closer to making your vision a reality. This gold bound book which contains photographs and sketches of interior architecture, including furniture and fabrics, will bring your dream home to life. The next step? Visit a Clive Christian showroom to get a true feel for your home’s potential.




    IMG_4719Villa Coco Jewelry

    Add a wooden bangle to your arm full of Villa Coco bracelets and envision yourself on an exotic beach or at a tropical resort where these accessories and body products come from. Better yet, book one of the luxurious Villa Coco Apartments for a weekend getaway. Not only do these products come from all over the world but Villa Coco also gives back to these communities by providing clothing to places such as Fiji. Visit their website to make your next Villa Coco purchase.




    IMG_4734Dosha Pops

    Candy doesn’t have to make you feel guilty anymore. With Dosha Pops, the goal is to satisfy your hunger while keeping you part of a balanced lifestyle. Dosha (which means energy) encourages the Ayurveda lifestyle, (meaning knowledge of life). The Ayurveda lifestyle is about balancing your energies of temperament, characteristics, and well-being, leading you to a healthier you. Dosha Pops embraces the idea of making your mind happier while also pleasing your stomach.






    Booze Drops

    RumThe problem with ordinary candy? It’s typically thought of as a children’s treat. Not Booze Drops. These on-the-go alcohol-filled delectables are made just for adults to stay relaxed in a variety of situations (whether you’re on a plane or at a party), while providing a mild buzz. While putting alcohol in candy is no new idea, this formula is an improvement from harsher candies of the past. No more strong burst of liquid alcohol in the center, Booze Drops evenly spreads alcohol throughout the candy so there’s no bitter taste. Now you can enjoy an adult luxury while embracing your inner youth with these six flavors: Absinthe, Vodka Mint, Tequila Lemon, Rum, Brandy Coffee and Bourbon Whiskey. Want to suggest a new flavor? Booze Drops encourages customers to submit new ideas here.




    But it didn’t end here! HudsonMOD would like to thank all of our sponsors and partners, and a special thanks to all the incredible brands who participated in the event by placing their products in our swag bags, including…

    Nail polish, blush and lipstick from Milani, smoothies from Oatworks, water from Bai, popcorn from Sexy Pop, breathe spray from Hello, water from Voss, cupcakes from Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes, and chocolates and truffles from Lindt.