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    The ACJ319

    • Feb 24, 2016

    • By:Sara Brisolla


    The ACJ319, from Airbus Corporate Jet Centre, is a private jet designed to look like the inside of a plush train car.  The jet features five suites with TVs, bars concealed by mirrors and 15 convertible seats.

    The interior of the ACJ319 boasts a minimalist design with earthy tones and gold detailing.  The main lounge and parlor include a widescreen TV and the master bedroom has its own bathroom.  The jet also has an office space and a couch that can be converted to a table with two seats.


    The ACJ319 has the ability to fly nonstop for 6,900 miles and can reach up to 540 mph.  It provides all the amenities you need to be able to fly comfortably anywhere in the world.

    To learn more, please visit http://www.airbus.com/aircraftfamilies/corporate/acj-family/acj319

    Images courtesy of airbus.com