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    The Casablanca Hotel

    • Mar 28, 2014

    • By:Simon Murray

    A hidden gem nestled in the chaotic beauty of Times Square and the vibrance of Broadway, the Casablanca Hotel is a rare, timeless retreat, wholly disarming and charming throughout. Upon entering the boutique hotel, guests are instantly transported into a romantic setting inspired by the 1942 classic. And it’s not just your imagination if you expect Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman to be speaking intently in a corner of Rick’s Cafe, the lounge where complimentary refreshments are served 24 hours a day.

    A member of the Library Hotel Collection, the Casablanca Hotel provides entertainment on par with the timeless film, offering a wine and cheese reception every evening from 5-8 p.m. A live pianist — “Play it once Sam, for old time’s sake” — provides live entertainment on Friday evenings, making the Casablanca an ideal location for informal business meetings or simply a pleasure-filled escape.

    The Casablanca Hotel is celebrated as an intimate townhouse with Moroccan decor and an elegant, Mediterranean-style design. Comforting and unpretentious at every turn, I was greeted with an international mix of guests when I visited that truly made me believe I had been transported far, far away to an oasis of calm repose outside of Manhattan. But for those looking to plan ahead for some end-of-the-year excitement, here’s a little secret: It’s hands down the best hotel in the city to watch the spectacular brilliance of the New Year’s Eve firework show. We might even see you there!