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    The Closet Of Your Dreams

    • Jan 15, 2013

    • By:Amanda Thorogood

    The cliché out with the old and in with the new really doesn’t apply when your “old” is vintage Chanel and the perfect pair of Prada stilettos you scored last year are still very much a staple in your wardrobe. Instead of dealing with the despair of parting with pieces from your personal collection in order to make room for new additions, may we suggest an upgrade?

    When taking the next step to add a larger closet it is imperative that the space you build complements your wardrobe, and is as chic and fun as you and the rest of your home are. This is exactly why we wouldn’t trust anyone in our boudoirs other than the experts at California Closets.

    With the launch of their luxurious line, VIRTUOSO, we predict a lot of people making room in their homes for this must-have addition. “Its rich Lago® Italian finishes make a dramatic statement in any space where a clean, modern look of a luxury closet is desired,” says Melanie Schuetz, Marketing Manager at California Closets of Northern New Jersey about the line.

    Before you can delve in to the excitement of selecting colors and attributes, however, take a minute to pause and think about what you really hope to achieve with the new space.

    “Every closet is different and every client is different,” Schuetz says. And simple factors that oftentimes can be overlooked may have a direct impact on the finished product that works best for you.

    “A man who is 6’4” tall is going to need a different system than a man who is 5’6”. A woman with 100 pairs of shoes is going to need a different system than a child,” she points out.

    “We can design the same closet many different ways depending on the person that uses that space every day. Just because a closet system looks good on paper doesn’t mean that it will function for you in real life.”

    For these very reasons, California Closets has assembled an expert team of consultants who work with clients at every stage of the process to ensure that the final closet has the luxe look they’re after, but is still practical.

    “We are the experts and are able to suggest what is going to work for each individual client based on their wants and needs,” Schuetz says.

    As an added bonus of having the experts handling the logistics you can spend your time figuring out how you’ll fill all of your new closet space.

    For more information on the transformation that California Closets can create in your closet, office or media room, visit them at californiaclosets.com