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    The Cornerstone of Country Clubs

    • Mar 11, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    Looking at the sprawling 27-hole Championship design of the Upper Montclair Country Club, one would never think it began as a five-hole golf course in a small meadow at the turn of the 20th century. Redesigned twice after its initial formation in 1901, the UMCC underwent major change as it was transformed by famed golf course architects A.W Tillinghast and Robert Trent Jones Sr. The immaculate UMCC is also a member of its own exclusive group, as it is one of a small few that have hosted tournaments for all three Professional Golf Associations. With its personable staff, pristine course condition and focus on continuous improvement, the Upper Montclair Country Club can expect to make history for many years to come.

    Just how does a country club maintain high appeal and a stellar reputation after 112 years of operation? Well, it certainly helps that UMCC runs on basic principles and guidelines that foster a welcoming environment and an individualized golfing experience for all members. With a no tee time policy, the UMCC has developed a culture of friendly sportsmanship, companionship and pure good-hearted fun. It’s not unusual to be greeted by an extremely knowledgeable caddy that will guide you through the course, making each walk, birdie and bogie a spectacular experience. After some time on the course, UMCC will surprise guests with a one of a kind clubhouse experience, greeting each member by name and giving them undivided attention. If so inclined, you can even host a personal event at the meticulously maintained clubhouse, giving guests a glance at timeless luxury.

    Although the Upper Montclair Country Club thrives on its strong traditions, it maintains a perfect balance with chic modernism. Undergoing a $6.5 million dollar renovation in 2011, the golf course was endowed with new bunkers, drainage and irrigations system, and fescue with undeniable character. While the sociable environment and attention to detail never change at UMCC, the aesthetics and playability of the course are sought to be improved every year. As another treat for members, the UMCC also renovated their Travers Room last year, making accommodations for two wine fridges that led to the formation of a wine club. With this, members can store their own fine wines at the club and ensure that they’ll have their personal favorites to drink alongside dinner.