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    The Frame Television by Samsung

    • Jul 12, 2017

    • By:Alyssa Schiff

    160817-0010201202bc3b7-c3b11281280x96029Televisions today have become the focal point of most living rooms, but with TV and technology constantly changing this is going out of style. TVs today are becoming slimmer and slimmer in order to become part of a home’s decor, but Samsung has taken this two steps further. Designed by Yves Béhar, the Frame television is designed to “disappear in the decor.” 


    When turned off, the Frame will go into “Art Mode” as opposed to turning black. Users can select which pieces of art they would like to display by looking through a genre or artist. Photos can even be displayed if they are scanned into a digital format. Artists such as Barry McGee, Luisa Lambri, Todd Eberle and more have all contributed their art to the Frame. In total, there are 37 artists, and there is an art store that allows users to purchase more pieces.

    SSB2C-1059_FrameTV_NoGap-Desktop-060917To add to this new technology, the Frame adjusts to the room’s light settings automatically so that the art looks like it is physically in the frame. The Frame is also able to be customized, with several different colors that can surround the TV itself. The Frame is a 4K HDR TV which comes with four HDMI ports, supports all of Samsung smart TV features, and three USB ports.


    The Frame costs $1,999.00 for the 55-inch version, and $2,799.00 for the 65-inch. The Frame represents the future of television as more and more. By combining a television’s viewing function with the ability to be decoration as well, The Frame is stepping into the future of TV. For more information visit: Samsung.com.


    Images via http://www.samsung.com/ and https://www.cnet.com