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    The Greatest Beauty Gift

    • Dec 18, 2012

    • By:Marco Medrano

    We so often put others before ourselves, so this holiday season don’t forget to add a “Gift To Self” checkbox on your holiday shopping list. With winter fast approaching, our skin cycles are not only changing, but our psyche needs a more constant refueling of self-improvement during this lovely season. Repeat after me, “I will not let cold, frosty dark days stop me from feeling beautiful.” There—all better. With so much of our time being devoted to must-do tasks, sometimes getting ready for our day or big event is the best time to feel good about our own beautiful selves. Don’t underestimate those few moments of beauty transformation.

    For inspiration, take makeup superstar Bobbi Brown’s new book, Pretty Powerful (Chronicle Books). This must-read not only helps us to put our lives in proper perspective, but it also is an indispensible manual with numerous makeup application tips throughout. You’ll love it.

    The field of skin science is blazing forward with one of the newest age-reversal extracts to date. Red Mangrove, anyone? Let me introduce you to a remarkable skin-rejuvenating breakthrough from HEVIA MD Skin Science. Founded by the research center bearing his name, this Cuba native has been studying antioxidants and non-surgical options in numerous countries only to find one of the most powerful (even more than skin-soluble vita-C) in his own backyard. Imagine a plant strong enough to flourish—with little to no water and its roots exposed to direct sunlight. This revered cosmetic dermatologist’s list of super gorgeous performers is extensive (11 in all)—from Japanese Knotweed to Brown Algae, proprietarily blended by Dr. Hevia. The doc’s skincare lineup is unique, concise and effective, centering on The Specialist Potent Repair Serum and his patent-pending extracts of Red Mangrove seed—ecologically harvested just for him. The tagline, “Ingredients With A Purpose,” delivers.

    The chilly season will surely wreak havoc on another prized possession, our million dollar tresses. There are some amazing hair products out there, so let’s focus on conditioners that penetrate the hair shaft. The ultimate indulgence? Kerastase’s Chronologiste, once a Parisian salon-only treatment, may now come home with you. It has one of the highest concentrations of active ingredients combined in a single formula. Fusions of two components—pro-vitamin pearls and luster crème—are combined only at the time of application, to preserve the integrity of its precious ingredients.

    Need a faster magic bullet? Hair Spa Seaweed Mask and the beauty Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Serum by REPÊCHAGE. With aloe, seaweed, silk, 18 amino acids and so much more, you’ll thank me. Believe me. You can also blow-dry into hair (gently, with combing fingers) and sleep in it. If you use quick heat (steam or plastic cap), the real benefit comes with the sealing “cool-down” cycle, the next best thing to their thermal in-spa treatment.

    When it comes to age-reversal of skin, remedy regimens may require some planning. We found a focused elixir for post-new year that’s also E-A-S-Y, with no down time. DOCTOR BABOR’s ULTIMATE DERMA OPTIMIZER provides a four-step, four-week, five-star luxury spa take-out option. Think of this booster regimen as clearing the skin’s palette or “re-jiggering” cell turnover. Designed to reset, renew and illuminate your skin leaving it in prime condition to accept and resume your lavish serum and cream routines later. The common thread in each series is the namesake product Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum—a catalyst stem cell activator—used together with another weekly serum booster, each targeting hydration, anti-stress, cell protection and anti-wrinkle. This means no other eye or face products are needed—a skincare vacay! Use the primary serum plus a targeted serum twice a day, each for a week, for one month. Tip: Perform several enzyme-exfoliator cleanses one week prior.

    Now, for those of us who only participate in champagne dreams and caviar wishes, raise your glasses and ready your toast points, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Collection is celebrating its silver anniversary. After 25 years, the u?ber-decadent demand for one of the most deluxe, penetrable marine treatments just keeps getting bigger and better. Know that each of the ten bioengineered Caviar Collection pieces contains a high dosage of caviar extracts, Phytotherapy, sea proteins and absorbable minerals offering unparalleled firmness, protection, nourishment and energy to lackluster skin. It’s no mistake you’ll find Extrait or Caviar Liquid Lift behind many top flight makeup counters and celebrity photo shoots, for it doubles as a dewy, flawless primer as well as an incredibly effective treatment. In honor of its unrivaled global cult following, La Prairie is releasing an opulent, limited edition Caviar Cristal-embellished case and giant (5.2 oz.) Caviar Luxe Cream paired in a sleek 25th silver box. Hurry! Tip: If the caviar pond is too much luxe for your must-not-age routine, use it like a skin-a-min (vitamin surge) every other night. That’s what I do.

    OK, so now that your hair and skin feel rejuvenated, you’ve checked yourself off the holiday shopping list and are ready to start doing unto others, let’s get creative. I was floored by the opulence of the Tom Ford Beauty Collection for fall, whose potent luxury color blends match the names: White Minx, Diabolique, Enchanted, Slander and Dominatrix. The opal richness of the eye color quads, lip and nail lacquers could be used year round in different doses—to the point of securing a few shades in threes. The Plum Absolute for eyes is a deep, velvet-cream eye color that screams opera drama-mama. Tom Ford waits for no one—when they’re gone, they’re gone. Champagne, caviar, silver and…KollagenX Gold Lip Gloss. That’s right. Infused with 24kt gold, collagen and vitamin E, this luxurious gloss is formulated to enhance cell renewal, reduce lip wrinkles and increase volume. Pucker up.

    You, our lovely readers, have made 2012 amazing. HudsonMOD thanks you for reading and for always being gorgeous.