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    The Heretic: Hog Heaven

    • May 8, 2013

    • By:Simon Murray

    Centuries ago, longevity wasn’t exactly an attribute of heretics. Considered at best traitors—and at worst aligned with the devil—nonconformists, blasphemers and renegades typically ended up at the wrong end of a pointy stick. Nowadays, of course, it pays to be something of an iconoclast. At least that’s the idea behind Ecosse Moto Works’ visually bespoken, high-octane bellwether, the Heretic, and its cadre of delightfully wicked, luxury motorcycles.

    The modern day evil genius behind the Heretic is one Donald Atchison. Once a Marine Corps officer, Atchison holds an MBA in mechanical engineering and a serious need to shatter expectations. A motorcycle enthusiast, Atchison was formerly a downhill skier, road racer and dirt bike riding speed freak. He founded Ecosse more than a decade ago to bring his creation to life.

    Atchison began developing his idea for a high-end street bike worthy of exclusive furnishings, unprecedented design and aggressive performance. Napkin sketches and early drafts from his days as a business developer eventually took shape. In 2003, the first road-ready models were released for a small group of selected aficionados and collectors. And just like that, the Heretic became a staple of high-performance artisan motorcycles everywhere.

    To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of crafting mercurial “anti-choppers,” Ecosse designed the Founder’s Edition Titanium XX, an even more radical V-Twin than its impressive predecessors.

    While the exclusive FE Ti XX (just 13 are slated to be made) is stylistically similar to the Heretic model, Atchison is quick to note that the most important features of the bike are wholly unique. Take the undercarriage. A first of its kind, the trellis-style chassis and colorless coils of the exhaust system are painstakingly handcrafted from titanium. Aside from being expensive, strong and highly resistant to corrosion, titanium is also incredibly light: At only 440 lbs., the bike delivers on all cylinders.

    Before the four riders of the apocalypse get astride their malevolent steeds for the first and last time, they would be wise to take a side trip to the Ecosse Moto factory near Denver and consider the alternative to demon horsepower: American torque.

    The FE Ti XX is like a timeless piece of art that you can mount, kick-start, throw back the throttle and explore the forbidden speeds with the help of a more than 200 horsepower, 2409cc billet engine that delivers more than 200 feet-lbs. of torque to the rear wheel at sea level. Buoyed by MotoGP-grade Öhlins suspension, the power screaming away underneath the rider is intoxicating, allowing the street bike to punish turns and straightaways with indifference. You can even embellish it with your own personal message. Try having as much fun with that priceless painting in your living room. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    While Ecosse maintains a cultish following with its satisfied customers, they’re relatively low profile compared with other limited-production street bike manufacturers. But by moving away from its staple V-Twins to pursue F1-derived superbikes and crossovers—and with models currently in development—the future looks just as promising as the past decade.

    Not too bad for a heretic sect hidden somewhere in the Rockies. Not bad at all.