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    The Killer Heels Exhibition

    • Jan 6, 2015

    • By:Nicole Fonzino


    Photos by Jay Zuckerkorn

    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.38.51 PMThe Brooklyn Museum is currently displaying one killer exhibition for museum-goers. “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe” features over 160 pairs of shoes ranging from pumps to stilettos and everything else in between. Showcasing the most coveted and eccentric designs, any shoe aficionado will die over this exhibition.

    After announcing the exhibition in a press release back in April 2014, shoe worshippers had to wait nearly five months before they were able to marvel over the extraordinary designs of these exotic shoes. Curator Lisa Smalls, who has been with the Brooklyn Museum since the spring of 2011, has an extensive background working with exhibitions including many displayed at the American Federation of Arts also in New York City.

    Smalls, who answered questions asked by visitors on the Brooklyn Museum’s website, spoke about the inspiration behind curating this exhibition. She said, “The checklist grew from wanting to explore the high heel as this iconic design and all the many innovative and striking designs that have emerged over the past, more than a hundred, 500-plus years that are represented in this show. It really just is emerging out of our interest in these intersections between fashion and design and art that was the stimulus behind the exhibition.”

    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.38.31 PMThe exhibition explores the design and creative touches behind each heel from the seventeenth century until present day and shows viewers how each concept have evolved throughout the decades. Currently, the museum has sectioned the exhibition into six separate displays to differentiate the time periods for museum-goers, which include: Revival and Reinterpretation, Rising in the East, Glamour and Fetish, Architecture, Metamorphosis and Space Walk.

    However, exotic shoes will not be the only feature displayed throughout the museum. Smalls wanted to incorporate different aspects of the evolution of shoes than just the shoes themselves, so she incorporated six short films throughout the exhibition as well. Each of the six films was made exclusively for the use in “Killer Heels.” Filmmakers include Rashaad Newsome, Marilyn Minter, Resa Farkhondeh, Zach Gold, Ghada Amen, Steven Klein and Nick Knight.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.51.07 PMBrands showcased throughout the exhibit include: Manolo Blahnik, Ferragamo, Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Celine, Zaha Hadid and many more. The “Killer Heel” also features many famous shoes worn by celebrities. Some presented heels are Lady Gaga’s United Nude booties, Marilyn Monroe’s stilettos made by Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin’s “Printz” collection and others.

    “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe” will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum until February 15, 2015. For museum hours and admission prices, please visit the Brooklyn Museum website by clicking here.


    UPDATE: The Brooklyn Museum will be extending their “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe” exhibition until March 1, 2015. 


    Check out the Brooklyn Museum’s video about “Killer Heels” below: