• The Life

    The Life: Della Crews

    • Dec 10, 2012

    • By:Erin Dostal

    A self-described adrenaline junkie, News 12 anchorwoman Della Crews isn’t your average New Jersey mom. Born to a military family in South Carolina, she moved all over the US working for news stations in Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and West Virginia, building up her reporting chops before making it to Jersey in 2000.

    A lover of NASCAR, dancing and skydiving, Crews seeks out adventure wherever she can. Luxury, she says, is about more than money. It’s about being free.

    Crews moved to New Jersey for a gig at News 12, but now Jersey is far more than a career pit stop for the virtuoso anchor—it’s home.

    As the face of news in New Jersey, talk to us about the Garden State.

    New Jersey is this wonderful, eclectic mix that allows you to do so many things. There’s skiing in the North and beaches in the South. There’s so much more to the state than what you see from the turnpike.

    Is New Jersey misrepresented?

    New Jersey is underappreciated by people elsewhere. It has such a negative connotation because of the reality shows about it. The people here are spectacular, loving, giving. If they ever do another reality show about this state, it should focus on that.

    What does luxury mean to you?

    Luxury means Tokyo drifting, skydiving and F-1 racing—and dancing the night away. It’s feeling free like that. I don’t need material things to experience luxury, I just need excitement.

    What’s different about a newscast audience in northern New Jersey versus one in Manhattan?

    In New Jersey, they really only have News 12, so people are very, very loyal. When people tune into you in New Jersey, you have them for life. That’s why we’re here to tell the bad news, yes, but we also do spotlights and a segment called “Garden State Gatherings” that lets you know what’s going on in your community. We cover hard news, but we cover community news, too. It’s what’s important for our viewers to know.

    For the perfect job, would you consider leaving New Jersey? Or is this your home forever?

    The perfect job, for me, is where I get to be the one calling the shots—if I’m the boss, that’s perfect. I guess, really, I could do that anywhere, but, for now, New Jersey is home.

    What’s the one thing you never leave home without?

    Makeup, particularly Mac Studio Fix NC45. That isn’t a want to have for me, it’s a need to have. I can do without lipstick, though I love that, too, but I have to have my foundation.

    What has been your most thrilling on-air moment?

    The story on Tokyo drifting. Being in that car when the driver was making those fast turns was such a thrill. Next, I have to try F-1 racing.