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    The Lodge at Woodloch

    • Oct 14, 2013

    • By:Michelle Esposito


    Whether you’re alone or with a friend, the peaceful ambiance surrounding The Lodge at Woodloch screams, or should I say, whispers, “satisfaction.” Nestled in the Northeast Lake Region of Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains, The Lodge is a perfect place to relax your mind, body and soul.

    Located on over 150 pristine woodland acres with a private 15-acre lake, The Lodge offers an abundance of amenities with the common goal of helping guests achieve ultimate relaxation. For instance, the accommodations offered at the spa include saunas, indoor pool/jacuzzi, a variety of 50-minute massages and the renowned Lotus pedicure. On these grounds, it’s not too hard to separate yourself from everyday stresses and let loose, or rather, get loose.

    After a full regimen of pampering, The Lodge at Woodloch also allows for reconnecting with nature through a number of different outlets gauged towards an individual’s particular love for the outdoors. A gorgeous patio, stone showers, cushioned seating and romantic views of the woods can easily fit anyone’s idea of the perfect getaway, yet, for those in the metropolitan area The Lodge can also serve as a memorable day trip. For the more adventurous, mountain biking, kayaking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and more are available during respective seasons.

    From freshly prepared meals, to art classes and a seven-mile nature trail, surrounded by lakes and beautiful forests that give way to a canvas of stars as night falls, simple pleasures become wondrous indulgences. The Lodge gives guests the perfect opportunity to shift from their everyday routines and refocus on what’s truly important—themselves.

    With so many options of things to do, one shouldn’t find it hard to stay busy at The Lodge at Woodloch or don’t stay busy; just relax. Even better.