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    The Luxury Technology Show

    • Mar 25, 2015

    • By:Sara Brisolla

    The Luxury Technology Show, an exclusive luxury showcase, offers an inside look at unique high-end products. It is produced by Rand Luxury, an international event production company which caters to the finest luxury brands in the world.  The event is held in New York in the spring and in California in the fall. A few interesting products from the New York show include the Fugoo, GoPole, Petcube and Savant:

    Fugoo XL Hero

    The Fugoo is a Bluetooth wireless speaker for those with active lifestyles. This device is portable, durable and produces a high quality of sound. There are various accessories available so music lovers have the ability to mount it wherever they please or personalize it to their liking. This rugged speaker is mud proof, snow proof, waterproof and shockproof and is available in several versions as well.


    The GoPole is an accessory for GoPro camera users that allows them to mount the camera on to an extension pole for any and all adventures. The GoPole has been a top choice for athletes, festival enthusiasts and filmmakers alike.  The GoPole comes in the 14-40″ Reach model or the 14-24″ Evo model.  The Reach model is the most popular and allows you to take images with ease.  It is also sturdy, lightweight and portable.  The Evo model is transparent and acts like a floatation device.  You can attach a GoPro Wi-Fi Smart Remote onto it and a wrist strap on the bottom.  These provide the ability to control your GoPro right from your fingertips and also added security while filming during extreme activities.


    Petcube is a camera for pet owners to place in their home that allows them to interact with their pets via smartphone app, which streams 720p video.  It also has a microphone, speaker and laser pointer so you are able to listen to, speak to and play with your pet. Originating from Kickstarter, it has become of the most successful crowdfunded products for pets.  It has revolutionized how pet owners stay connected to their pets when they are not at home.

    Savant App

    Savant is a new app that allows homeowners to control things such as the temperature, lighting, music, shades and alarm in their home and will even send a notification for when someone is there.  This app will be able to improve energy efficiency and save users money, with just one touch.  William Lynch, CEO of Savant Systems states,

    “With the new Savant App, we’ve put powerful home control into the hands of consumers like never before.  We call it the Single App Home, and whether it’s setting the perfect environment or being more efficient with climate, sprinklers, or other systems, owning a Savant Home gives people one, easy-to-use app that allows them to get more enjoyment and peace of mind from their home.”


    To learn more about the Luxury Technology Show, please visit their website here.

    Featured Image via Fugoo.com; Gopole.com; Petcube.com; Gigaom.com