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    The New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Car: The Lexus LF-FC

    • Jan 13, 2016

    • By:Sara Brisolla


    Debuting at the Tokyo Auto Show, the LF-FC is the new fuel cell concept car from Lexus and is the wave of the future. The car will feature an evolved version of Lexus’ signature spindle grille and “L-shaped” headlights along with other advanced features.


    The interior is also spacious, yet presents a futuristic look and feel.  No need to touch a panel or controls, this car has an advanced human machine interface that can be controlled by hand gestures.

    The core of the LF-FC is its fuel cell power system that powers the rear wheels and two front in-wheel motors making it all-wheel-drive and safe to drive in inclement weather. Owners would also be able to fill the hydrogen tank with ease at any gas station because the pump would be situated right next to the gas pump.

    To learn more, please visit http://www.lexus.com/concept/LFFC/#/

    Images courtesy of buzzfeed.com, lexus.com