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    The Perfect Pairing For The Olympic Games

    • Jul 29, 2012

    • By:Gabriela Riccardi

    Can’t make it to London? This patriotic sparkling wine is the perfect bottle to pop as you ring in the Summer Olympics. Produced entirely in America, Californian winery Chandon has introduced its Brut Classic wine in a limited edition “American Summer” bottle.

    Decorated subtly with chic, stylishly hued red and blue stripes, the wine evokes just enough of our American dreams without compelling anyone to hum the Stars and Stripes Forever. The wine is modern, elegant and tastes great, too.

    Comprised of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, the sparkling wine is blended with 10-20 percent reserve wines from previous Chandon harvests. The Brut Classic undergoes a second fermentation while in the bottle in order to attain citrus spices and hints of almond and caramel flavors; the taste has also been likened to a mixture of vanilla, cinnamon, and green apple. The sparkling wine has been described as a crisp and lively bubbly. With a glass or two (or maybe even three) of this, there’s reason enough for everyone to feel like a winner of Olympic proportions.