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    The Tiffany Metro Watch

    • Jan 7, 2018

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.18.41 PMWhat defines a New York minute? We’re not exactly sure, but Tiffany & Co. is one step closer to helping us find out. Its newest timepiece release, the Tiffany Metro watch, is inspired by the one and only metropolis, New York City. 

    With a few different style options, the Tiffany Metro watch infuses its new design with the “energy and pace” New York offers. Its sleek face is surrounded by a line of crystal clear diamonds, a signature of Tiffany & Co. Patrons who don the Metro watch collection have a variety of options for the face and bands to choose from. Face colors include ice blue, blue, pink, white, burgundy, while the bands come in Tiffany & Co.’s signature stainless steel or alligator leather in cerulean blue, blue, pink, white, burgundy, brown or light brown. No matter what combination watch you choose, it will look stunning on your wrist nonetheless. 

    Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.17.49 PMTo make each timepiece more personalized, the crown diamond has its own serial number to symbolize its rarity. Topped off with its Swiss-made inner workings, the Metro timepiece collection is just what you need in your repertoire.

    To shop the Metro watch collection, visit http://www.tiffany.com/watches/metro-watches?trackbgfm=pdp. 

    Images via Tiffany.com