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    The Valerie Fund’s Thanksgiving Ball Gala

    • Dec 18, 2014

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    EF3A2967 (800x533)On Friday, November 21, 2014, HudsonMOD served as the exclusive media sponsor for The Valerie Fund’s prestigious Annual Thanksgiving Ball Gala. The event, which was held at the Hilton Hotel in in Short Hills, New Jersey, marked the 23rd year the foundation has hosted this esteemed gala to raise a substantial amount of funds for the treatment of children with cancer and blood disorders.

    At this year’s event hosted by CBS 2’s John Elliott, The Valerie Fund honored not only the brave ambassadors they have, but also Brian D. Fuhro, Esq. and Stephen Sands, PSY.D. for their extraordinary contributions to the foundation throughout the years. Brian has been associated with and on the board for The Valerie Fund for nearly 20 years, while Stephen handles psychosocial services for the families and children of the foundation for 15. Each of the two men were separately called up to the podium to address the attending crowd and spoke wholeheartedly about what The Valerie Fund means to them and how it has changed their lives.

    EF3A2013 (800x533)The Thanksgiving Gala also featured a silent auction, live auction and sweepstakes prizes that were on display in a separate room throughout the night for guests to admire and enter to win. Some of the prizes included four tickets to Justin Timberlake’s concert, a private dinner party at L’Artusi in New York City’s West Village, a Tory Burch experience which included a $1,000 gift card and other prizes, Chanel sunglasses, signed sports and entertainment memorabilia and much more. The sweepstakes giveaway was a seven night/eight day vacation to the Maya in the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa in Mexico courtesy of the Norton Travel Network and NTN Vacations.

    The Valerie Fund’s Thanksgiving Gala is not the only opportunity people have to come out and contribute to the fight against children with cancer and blood disorders. The foundation has numerous events throughout the year including their annual walk (2015 marks its 10th year), PirateThon and A Taste of Giving reception. For more information about The Valerie Fund and to learn more about their events, please click here.


    Check out photos from the Thanksgiving Ball Gala (and click to enlarge!) 

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