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    The Volvo XC90

    • May 6, 2015

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Volvo2On Thursday, May 7, the popular Swedish auto company, Volvo, will unveil one of their most promising and luxurious SUVs to date—the Volvo XC90, which will be released in the United States at a grand reopening celebration for Prestige Volvo of East Hanover in New Jersey. The all-encompassing luxury SUV will not only be an eye-catcher, but will lower the fuel emissions due to its T8 Twin Engine.

    “Our Twin Engine technology has enabled us to build on our heritage of efficient powertrain development in a completely new way. Thanks to our new scalable product architecture, and our world class four-cylinder engines, we have a clear and leading position,” says Dr. Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development, in a press release.

    Volvo3According to Volvo, the XC90 will be unlike any other SUV on the market today due to its environmentally friendly aspects and its powerful capabilities. The XC90 is one of the only SUVs that will seat seven adults comfortably, as well as travel from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. Other elite aspects of the newest Volvo SUV will include 407 horsepower and low fuel consumption.

    “We have been working hard to earn our competitive edge and to give our customers the ultimate combination of performance and low fuel consumption,” says Mertens.

    Due to its low fuel consumption, the main source of the Volvo XC90 is its capability to run on a battery-charged, electrical motor for a long period of time. The XC90 is also equipped with five different driving modes so the driver can determine which suits them better. The modes include a hybrid mode, which will allow drivers to switch between gas and electric; pure electric, which will run solely off of battery; power mode, which will save power until your engine revs up; AWD, which will offer all-wheel drive; and save, which will allow drivers to “freeze” at their current battery power and switch over to their engine.

    Volvo4To be one of the first people to view the new Volvo XC90 on U.S. soil, the Prestige Volvo of East Hanover Dealership—which is one of the largest Volvo dealerships in the United States—will be hosting a grand reopening of their facility this Thursday night, May 7, from 6-8 p.m.

    Guests who attend the grand reopening event will be able to experience the all-new XC90 first-hand. Other festivities throughout the night will include hors d’oeuvres, a ribbon cutting ceremony and a contest, where guests can win a trip to Europe for two. For more information about the event, please contact Prestige Volvo at 973-884-2400 or visit them at www.prestigevolvo.com.


    Images Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.