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    • Jan 24, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    To say that the Four Seasons are among the most critically acclaimed luxury hotels in the world is certainly not groundbreaking. Their reputation for providing outstanding customer service and memorable vacationing experiences is well known to say the least. But that’s not what I want to tell you—or at least not entirely.

    In true Four Seasons fashion, the luxury conglomerate’s newest innovation in travel pulls out all the stops and was an unexpected surprise to those who expect the Four Seasons to be a destination, but not a complete means of travel. A little confused? Let me elaborate.

    Going beyond the concept of a standard guided tour, the Four Seasons now offers personalized, transatlantic tours aboard a private jet that travels to six extravagant cities. Reserve a spot on this tour and you’ll experience the lifestyle of luxury in Japan, China, the Maldives, Turkey, Russia and Morocco. Guided by a professional expedition staff, you’ll see the most awe-inspiring gems of the world in a memorable 22 days.

    The jet-setting journey begins on September 14th when you meet with your fellow VIP travelers and expedition staff at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. You’ll enjoy a welcome dinner featuring the finest local ingredients and the region’s exceptional wines. During this kickoff event, you can schmooze with art historian Charles Doherty or photographer Bob Krist; two men whom excel in their professions and will be your personal tour guides on this enriching trip. The next day will be spent on the private jet as you head toward Tokyo. But considering this plane has a physician, private chef, expert lecturers and a professional Four Seasons concierge on board, a day in transit won’t be so bad.

    The next three days will be spent in the dazzling city of Tokyo, Japan. The Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo features large accommodations and will serve as a peaceful palace for you in the middle of the bustling city. During your stay, you will enjoy the unique combination of ancient Japanese heritage and modern design that Tokyo provides. Whether you choose to explore the oldest temple in Tokyo, peruse the world’s largest fish market, or learn to make the perfect sushi roll from a master chef, a thrilling experience is guaranteed. On September 19th the Four Seasons private jet will depart from the commotion of Tokyo and into the quiet, exclusive terrain of Hangzhou and West Lake, China. Here you can enjoy a peaceful cruise on the calm West Lake and float blissfully to the Hu Mansion, where you and your comrades will indulge in a banquet of classic, local cuisine.

    But of course this adventurous tour must keep moving, so from September 23rd to the 26th you will be nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives. The Maldives is a sprawling tropical beauty, perfect for a tranquil retreat. You can sail to the resorts spa, secluded on its own tiny isle or spend the day swimming lazily amongst delicate coral reefs and colorful sea creatures. Either way, you’ll never want to leave.

    On September 27th it’s back aboard the private jet yet again (as if that’s a downside) as you venture towards the sophisticated city of Istanbul, Turkey. After a stroll of the Grand Bazaar, antique shopping, and sampling of fine international cuisine, you’ll fall in love with this region’s rich heritage as we have.

    Next on the itinerary is the brand new Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg. This Russian city is a hub for architectural and cultural riches. Visit the restored Catherine’s Palace to examine some superb artwork and dine with the local elite. St. Petersburg will be a divine stop. On October 2nd you’ll enter the garden oasis of Marrakech, Morocco to experience the chic lifestyle of Marrakech and explore the grand Bahia Palace or exquisite Koutoubia Mosque. By the time you get comfortable on the private jet again on October 4th, you’ll be planning your return trip.

    Your entire voyage is completed with a farewell gala in New York on the evening of October 4th—the perfect way to end this thrilling excursion in true Four Seasons fashion.

    If you’re strained on time but want to see the world, this is the way to do it.