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    Trends 2013-A Conversation

    • Dec 14, 2012

    • By:Amanda Thorogood

    Just as the fashion-forward turn out in droves for runway shows and pour over magazines and websites for the latest picks for what will be hot in clothes and accessories in 2013, interior designers follow suit. With so many fabrics, textures, colors, accessories, furniture and fixtures to choose from, Trends 2013-A Conversation was the seamless culmination of information and details perfectly packaged in one presentation.

    Dozens of guests—many of whom were members of the trade—gathered at the Cliff Young Ltd. Showroom at the New York Design Center on Thursday, December 13 for what was guaranteed to be an informative and compelling look towards the year ahead. Moderated by HudsonMOD Publisher, Shannon Steitz, and delivered by Rebekah Brown of Cliff Young Ltd. and Phyllis Harbinger of DCI Studios, the presentation focused on the six main trends that designers can integrate in their own projects and should expect to see more prevalently from suppliers. Similarly, Cliff Young Ltd., which will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2013, plans to incorporate many aspects of these trends into their anticipated anniversary collection.

    Whether you’re a designer by occupation or are simply intrigued by the developments of interior design, Trends 2013-A Conversation had many elements that will certainly pique your interest.