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    Tuscany By Day, Milan By Night

    • Sep 26, 2012

    • By:Erin Dostal

    Discover two exquisite—but vastly different—destinations you won’t ever want to leave. Ever.


    One of the great things about the word “vacation” is that it can have different meanings for different people. For some, a vacation is an escape from reality—time away from the bustle and work of everyday life. For others, it’s about an escape from themselves, where they put away the day-to-day worries in favor of convenience, luxury and pampering.italy, however, encompasses all vacation desires. From the gorgeous tuscan countryside to urban centers such as rome, Florence and the high-fashion capital milan, the country has something for everyone.lucky for you, HudsonmoD has cleared the clutter and given you two perfect getaways—one in the city, one in the country. Whether you’re heading to milan for Fashion Week or just looking to get away from the go-go-go, work-work-work culture in this country, we’ve found two exquisite but vastly different destinations you won’t ever want to leave.


    There’s truly no place on earth quite like the Tuscan countryside, and there’s no place that showcases its unique beauty and calmness quite like Castiglion del Bosco, or “Castle of the Forest.”

    The 4,000-acre, privately owned estate is located within Val d’Orcia, an Italian natural park protected by UNESCO. Imagine that for days on end your only views could be the Italian wait staff, bowls of delicious, fresh Italian pasta, rolling, lush green hills and your companions.

    “In my opinion, the word luxury is overused, though only a few have managed to create and transmit the essence of the word, it can only be recognized when you finally discover or experience it,” says Emanuela Setterberg, club manager at the resort.

    Although the owners of the resort are urbanites—Massimo Ferragamo, chairman of Ferragamo USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Salvatore Ferragamo, and his wife, Chiara Miari Ferragamo—the resort features only the finest in refined, country living. The couple, Setterberg says, “has put their hearts, impeccable taste and sensibility into every little detail, from the door knobs to the floor tiles.”

    The attention to detail extends throughout the location and is especially evident in the estate’s wine, made from grapes on the property’s vineyard. Castiglion del Bosco is beautiful in its “ruralness,” from the food—the deliciously simple spaghetti al pomodoro is one of Setterberg’s favorites—to the relaxed, back-to-basics lifestyle guests enjoy.

    Luxury may be an overused term, but it’s really no surprise why. At Castiglion del Bosco, luxury isn’t just an adjective–it’s a way of life.


    Giorgio Armani started his storied fashion company in a gorgeous, spacious building in Milan. Today, that building is the Armani Hotel Milano, appropriately adorned with the icon’s signature designs. And, not surprisingly, the building is the anchor of the Quadrilatero della Moda, the fashion district of the Italian city.

    A sanctuary in Milan, one of the world’s greatest fashion capitals, the hotel boasts an urban, yet relaxed feel. The perfect escape while remaining in the action, the Armani hotel is where you will find urban elegance.

    With celebrity guests including Sting and Rihanna, the Armani hotel is a place to see and be seen. But otherwise, what is it that makes the location so special?

    “Well, for starters, the hotel bears the name ‘Armani’,” says general manager, Aaron Kaupp. “The bottom floors are devoted to all things Giorgio Armani, and above, you get Armani’s lifestyle.”

    And, Kaupp confirmed, the location is absolutely buzzing during the city’s 24/7 non-stop social marathon otherwise known as Fashion Week. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a party resort. With only 95 rooms, the hotel is guaranteed to be intimate.

    “The atmosphere here is very refined,” Kaupp says. “It’s a ‘design’ property, while maintaining its very residential attributes.” But the hotel is more than that; it’s comfortable and sophisticated. With clean lines and hushed tones, it’s Italian urban home style, pushed to near perfection.

    The hotel’s most luxurious location is the Armani Presidential Suite, which would perfectly suit the most fastidious of heads of state.The spa, also not surprisingly, is the perfect escape from everyday life. It’s a stunner, no doubt about it.For the urban luxury traveler, the Armani Hotel Milano provides escape while maintaining the conveniences of sophisticated city living.

    While Milan is certainly a must-see city, once guests step inside the Armani hotel, they may never want to depart. And who could blame them? Everything they could ever want in Milan can be found within the hotel’s beautiful walls. Go ahead and schedule that extra-long spa day. That cocktail–and that new Armani Privé outfit–will be waiting for you in your luxurious suite.

    “We believe that every client is a red carpet-worthy client,” Kaupp says.

    He speaks truth.