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    Ulysse Nardin Takes Manhattan

    • Dec 9, 2013

    • By:Simon Murray

    There’s a reason some things are valued more highly than others. Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin, the leader in the creation of innovative timepieces seems to understand this—to understand the psychology and mechanics of desire, which is just as difficult as making a complicated watch tick. Through careful craftsmanship and brand awareness, they are adept at meticulously engineering the inner workings of the heart.

    Maybe that’s why its taken the 167 year-old brand so long to expand into new markets, both in the states and abroad. But that has all changed, at least for soon-to-be aficionados and connoisseurs in the New York metropolitan area.

    Without sacrificing exclusivity, Ulysse Nardin recently announced the opening of its first mono-brand boutique in New York at the Ritz-Carlton, Central Park. This boutique represents only the third location in the US, and joins only a small number of locations around the globe that feature a collection of over 100 of the company’s finest timepieces, including several models from the Limited Edition Boutique line. The venture into the New York market was the result of a partnership with Michael Rosenberg and Jeffrey Khalaf of The Timepiece Collection in New Jersey.

    At an elite cocktail party at the Ritz-Carlton, brand ambassadors, Russian-American virtuoso pianist Lola Astanova and baseball pitching legend Randy Johnson accompanied Ulysse Nardin CEO, Patrik P. Hoffmann in introducing their newest location.

    “Prior to being asked to come on board, I had four or five watches from Ulysse Nardin, so it was my pleasure when they asked me to be their brand ambassador for North America and to represent the brand,” said Johnson, a notable collector and passionate aficionado who was the inspiration behind the limited edition, Big Unit chronograph.

    “While certainly strong enough for any man,” said Astanova, intimating at Johnson, “these watches are also strong and graceful enough for the modern woman.”

    The edgy, modern look associated with Ulysse Nardin pays homage to its relationship with the sea. Inside the Ritz-Carlton Boutique, visitors will find a nautical design with timepieces displayed in portholes and anchors arranged on the walls. And, of course, will find this heritage evident in the very DNA of its exclusive timepieces, which can now be experienced first-hand by enthusiasts in the metropolitan manhattan area.

    “Of course, it’s an honor for us because New York is a showcase, a window to the world,” said Hoffmann. “Were so proud to be here now.”