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    Valmont Now Offered at Hotel Bel-Air

    • Jun 16, 2017

    • By:Lindsey Heale

    Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.14.42 PMJust last week, Hotel Bel-Air and luxury Swiss skin-care brand Valmont publicly released their new partnership. With this exciting news, Bel-Air’s spa now features Valmont’s luxurious anti-aging collection Elixir des Glaciers. Massages and facials can now be accompanied by exclusive Valmont cosmetics, enhancing the lusciousness of a relaxing spa day.

    “This partnership is a crowning achievement for two brands devoted to luxury and committed to a philosophy of excellence,” remarked Didier Guillon, the CEO of Valmont Group. “We share common values, and see our mission as a search for excellence and delivering the utmost service at all levels. The Valmont Group is proud to serve Hotel Bel-Air and will design specific programs to bring added value to their current offerings.”


    Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.15.08 PMThis exciting partnership enables Bel-Air to adopt Valmont’s specialized body treatments and facials as well. This includes the all-new Vitality of the Stars facial, a face, eye and neck treatment. With rejuvenating and anti-aging lotions, creams and oils used, masseuses practice Valmont’s butterfly technique for deep-body relaxation. Masseuses also ensure that each client receives a unique skin assessment before the beauty ritual begins. Clients can take comfort in the fact that Hotel Bel-Air and Valmont tailor treatments to meet guests’ individual needs.


    Tucked away in the canyons of Los Angeles, Hotel Bel-Air offers spa-goers a beautiful view of nature and an escape from hectic city life. Inside, there is a private nail suite, the Relaxation Lounge, and seven treatment rooms that guests can enjoy. There’s also The Enclave, Hotel Bel-Air’s point of pride. A 570-square-foot private suite, The Enclave highlights the very best of Hotel Bel-Air through its bathtub, shower and gorgeous shaded patio that overlooks the surrounding canyons. With outdoor seating and the lulling rush of a nearby waterfall, The Enclave gives guests, from couples to groups of 10, the feeling of utter tranquility in the privacy of their own luxurious suite.

    VanityIn order to experience Hotel Bel-Air and Valmont’s exciting new partnership, make reservations to stay in one of Hotel Bel-Air’s stunning suites (including The Enclave). On top of the spa accommodations, Hotel Bel-Air boasts fine dining, beautiful Spanish Colonial architecture and gorgeous gardens. The winding footpaths will undoubtedly bring you to Hotel Bel-Air’s Swan Lake, a breathtaking sight that makes one feel all the more pampered.

    For more information, visit DorchesterCollection.com/en/los-angeles/hotel-bel-air/