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    VIZIO Reference Series Collection

    • Feb 17, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    BD762544-791E-441C-9AD4-C025615D2DB2At one time, high definition was the ultimate way of viewing TV. But in today’s world, high definition is a thing of the past. Say hello to 4K Ultra HD, a picture so crisp that it will make you feel like you are actually being transported directly to that specific destination.

    Since 4K’s unveiling, people have been remodeling their at-home theaters to be outfitted with the latest and greatest products. If you are thinking about updating your home, check out the VIZIO Reference Series Collection, which is the industry’s first-ever complete high dynamic range solution with Dolby Vision playback technology. Trust us, you will not want to outfit your home theater with anything but this series. Let us tell you why.

    The VIZIO Reference Series Collection comes in two models: 120” screen, a $129,000 price tag, or a 65” model for $5,999—each will perfectly accentuate your home allowing you to enjoy a “theater-view” any day of the week.

    “VIZIO and Dolby have worked tirelessly together to make true High Dynamic Range a reality for consumers,” says Matt McRae, chief technology officer at VIZIO in a press release. “The picture quality achieved with Dolby Vision on the VIZIO Reference Series is literally jaw-dropping and establishes a new level of excellence for the industry.”

    Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 3.51.52 PMWhile the screen-size is a bonus within itself that is not all VIZIO’s new collection offers. The Reference Series streams pictures that are up to 4,096 shades, which according to their website, is 16 times more shades than the standard TV, and reaches 800 NITS of brightness. Other additives that comes with the Reference Series is Smart TV capability with app organization for easy accessibility, LED backlights, 384 active LED zones, a Spatial Scaling Engine that converts pixels to Ultra HD as well as VIZIO’s luxurious Clear Action sensors that allow for impeccable motion clarity. The Reference Series Collection also comes with addition additives that will increase your experience even further such as a 10” wireless subwoofer and two rear satellite speakers.

    If you enjoy watching movies from the comfort from your home and love to entertain guests, the VIZIO Reference Series Collection is a must-have for you. Its sleek composition will fit perfectly in any home and instantly transform any living room into an oasis for entertaining and relaxing. To learn more about VIZIO’s Reference Series Collection, please visit www.vizio.com.

    Check out VIZIO’s video of the Reference Series Collection below! 

    Images and video courtesy of VIZIO