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    Where the Outback and Luxury Meet: Longitude 131°

    • Jan 29, 2014

    • By:Ty Sawyer

    Uluru, the big red rock that juts up from the Australian Outback like a protruding heart, provides the sweeping drama seen from the impeccable environs of this stunning 5-star luxury and quite opulent campsite lodge. Besides the hypnotic presence of Uluru, you’ll next feel a profound sense of stillness and splendor that permeates the lodges. This is a full, lovely, pampered immersion into the Red Center of Australia’s legendary open spaces. Wild camels may parade past the pool or immaculate Dune House.  Some exclusive experiences are aboriginal guide led camel and walking treks to the Mutitulu waterhole that will bring the hushed landscape to life and convey the strong spiritual presence of the area. Set within the confines of the 311,000 acre Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park, Longitutde 131° is perfectly positioned for an early morning walk and exploration of the base of the world’s largest rock monolith, riven with caverns, secret rock art and the harbor of thousands of years of cultural stories.

    The nearby rock formations of Kata-Tjulu are equally impressive, and a sunset journey through the Olga’s Walpa Gorge as the red rocks come to vibrant life with the light of the setting sun will not soon be forgotten.

    Of course, after a day of exploring you’ll return to coolness, privacy and sophistication of your lodge and later indulge in a sumptuous dinner with fine Australian wines. And, the experience of the day doesn’t end there. Step out into the night and see stars so thick and tangled and sparkling that it looks as if the sky was enhanced by a crazed designer from Tiffany’s.

    Part of the famed Baillie Lodges collection, Longitude 131° starts at $1,100 per night with a twin share, or $1,780 for single travelers, which included dining, drinks, mini-bar, transfers from Ayres Rock Airport and the signature experiences.