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    Wine Wednesdays: Brooklyn Sangria

    • Jul 27, 2016

    • By:Nicole Fonzino

    Brooklyn SangriaIs there any better way to spend your hump day than sipping on sweet wine? I don’t think so! The Brooklyn Marriott has summertime fun written all over it. The hotel’s bar, which is conveniently named The Bar, has spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, which will make your relaxing Wednesday night even better. What do we recommend trying? The Brooklyn Sangria. Perfect for summer night drinks, this concoction will have you lusting until next week’s Wine Wednesday.

    If you can’t make it to Brooklyn to have the bartender pour a refreshing glass for you, switch roles and become the bartender yourself. Check out their delicious sangria recipe below!



    Brooklyn Sangria by The Brooklyn Marriott


    • 1 Bottle of Brooklyn Cabernet from the Brooklyn Winery
    • 1/3 Bottle of Apricot Brandy
    • 1/3 Cup of Orange Juice
    • 1/4 Cup of Sugar
    • Chopped Fruit (Oranges, Strawberries and Limes)


    1. Slice the fruit into wedges leaving the peels on. Throw them into a large pitcher.
    2. Pour in the Apricot Brandy.
    3. Mix in the rest of the ingredients (Orange Juice, Sugar and Brooklyn Cabernet).
    4. Stir ingredients together.
    5. Chill and serve. (The Brooklyn Marriott recommends you chill for at least four hours!)
    6. Last, and most importantly, enjoy!