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    The World’s Finest Caviar

    • Aug 13, 2014

    • By:Emma Clarke

    After the 2005 ban on Russian caviar imports, much of the world’s finest caviar was unable to enter America. With the recent lifting of this ban nearly a decade later, Russian caviar is making a luxurious comeback. For the first time ever, the most critically-acclaimed and sought-after caviar, black Russian sturgeon, is hitting American markets. Its buttery texture and nutty flavor make this caviar the most expensive in the world–an 8.8 ounce tin from the Black Caviar Company costs $1,150. But for the quality and delicacy of this product, we think it’s worth it.

    The Black Caviar ComCaviar 2pany is currently the exclusive distributor of black Russian sturgeon in America. The company recently announced its partnership with Russian Caviar House, the premier distributor of black caviar in Russia. Over the last 30 years, Russian Caviar House has become known for distributing the most humane, highest quality caviar available.  The company, certified by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Life Fauna and Flora (CITES), preserves the natural habitats of the sturgeons in the rivers of northern Russia, ensures their humane treatment, and uses innovative technology to minimize the use of preservatives in their product. This caviar is a truly luxe delicacy.

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    Caviar also provides numerous health benefits, making it a feel-good indulgence. One serving of caviar provides more than half the daily recommended requirement of vitamin B12, important in converting carbohydrates into energy. It is also a powerful antioxidant that is a rich source of omega-3 fats, which are important for the immune system, lowering blood pressure and providing beneficial amino acids.





    Visit the Black Caviar Company online to see a full list of products, read their story, and learn more about black Russian caviar.