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    Yanina & Co.—25 Years of Brilliance

    • Oct 5, 2012

    • By:Amanda Mcelroy

    This month, Yanina and Co., one of the exclusive jewelers of Northern New Jersey will celebrate 25 years of sparkling success.

    Yanina Fleysher, the company’s founder and president, started her custom jewelry business at just 19-years old.  Since then, her quest to provide sophisticated perfection to her clients has propelled her to become one of the most well known jewelers in the state.  Despite her much-deserved popularity and presence among the area’s most exclusive circles, Yanina credits her success to “asking the right questions and knowing how to translate the customer’s desires into solid form.”

    Along with her custom masterpieces, Yanina’s bridal collection is second to none, with each of the pieces reflecting an innovative, yet sophisticated, classical elegance every buyer is sure to cherish.  Each diamond selected for any of Yanina’s magnificent creations are inspected thoroughly by experts who have been certified by the Geological Institute of America (GIA).  The stones are appraised based on “The Four C’s,” clarity, cut, color, and carat weight.

    Alex Fleysher, who serves as Yanina and Co.’s Vice President seconds his sister’s winning philosophy: “Creating strong relationships with clients is the building block of any business.  We have always devoted ourselves to providing unprecedented service to our clients which has grown into great relationships.”

    If you haven’t had the luxury of owning a piece of Yanina and Co. now is most definitely the time.  To celebrate their success over the last quarter century, from October 9th through 13th, the company is offering 45% off EVERYTHING in their Cedar Grove showroom.

    So, whether you need a new statement piece for the slew of upcoming holiday events or you just want to feel a little extra special, Yanina and Co. has something for anyone looking to start or add to his or her already fabulous collection.