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    Yanina & Co.—A Diamond For The Heart

    • Jan 30, 2014

    • By:Engie Hassan

    Yanina & Co., the northern New Jersey jeweler celebrated for its vast collection of custom designs has recently expanded, bringing beautiful baubles to Basking Ridge. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, Yanina & Co. takes the inevitable guesswork out of selecting the perfect piece of jewelry to express your love and admiration. Even more, to celebrate the opening of its second location, Yanina & Co. is offering 40% off of purchases from February 11-15 in both Basking Ridge and Cedar Grove.

    A Diamond For The Heart

    We’re all familiar with that timeless marketing slogan, “A Diamond Is Forever.” Withstanding the test of time, as only a hardened piece of carbonized crystal could, the diamond has inarguably secured itself in the cultural zeitgeist as the rock of choice when pledging one’s love for another. Not only used for wedding proposals, but truly any celebration nowadays, a diamond symbolizes value, love, dedication and self-worth. Although it’s thought of as a girl’s best friend in some circles, finding the right “friend” can be a difficult experience without proper guidance.

    The right jeweler can make your search for the perfect diamond—for yourself or a loved one—a much easier task. When purchasing in a diamond, it’s very important to identify a jeweler who can cater to your needs. All diamond experts (and most women) will be familiar with the 4 c’s: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut. But each purchase is personal, so the right diamond will become a touchstone of one’s life.

    Your Vision Brought to Life

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what better way to let that gem in your life know they are priceless than with a diamond from the renowned Yanina & Co. Whether it’s a custom designed piece or a redesigned vintage item, I can personally vouch that Yanina & Co. will have what your heart is looking for—or they will create it from your vision.

    Yanina & Co. Locations:

    Yanina & Co.451-455 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove , NJ

    Yanina & Co.665 Martinsville Road, Basking Ridge , NJ

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