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    YSL Meets Short Hills

    • Mar 6, 2013

    • By:Jacqueline Roman

    For the most glam per square inch in New Jersey, you have to look no further than The Mall at Short Hills. With tenants that currently include Cartier, Chanel, Dior and Hermés, the mall has just upped its luxe factor with the inclusion of Yves Saint Laurent.

    Yves Saint Laurent has long been known for sleek style, impeccable taste and subtle innovations in fashion that have a way of revolutionizing the way people dress. For their spring 2013 men and women’s collections, YSL is focusing in on one key factor; androgyny. When the bold brand released a preview of its spring menswear collection, people were buzzing to see that the focus of the campaign was female model Saskia de Brauw. Pictured in the ad without a stitch of makeup or hair styling, de Brauw’s androgynous appearance is complimented by nothing more than the handsome menswear designs of Saint Laurent. In a similar fashion, the spring collection for women features structured blazers, suit pants, and chiffon bow neckties. By blurring the lines of gender specific clothing, YSL has once again changed the way we dress.

    For spring 2013, YSL menswear is bringing back its famous skinny suits with different detailing and an effortlessly cool vibe. Incorporating sequined fabric and cheetah prints into the collection, YSL puts a spin on classic menswear and brings life to the often humdrum wardrobes of men. Pairing the collection’s cheetah printed collared shirt with a tight leather jacket, skinny tie, and fitted black pants is a perfect way to set yourself a part from the crowd. You can also pick the black sequined blazer, bold cheetah scarf, or brown suede jacket for an individualized look. The collection has gotten such an outstanding response that YSL will be releasing all the designs for both genders, so no one has to go without these key pieces in their wardrobe.

    Pipe lined suit pants, fitted blazers, crisp button downs, and chiffon bow neckties. Yes, all of those traditionally menswear designs are featured in the YSL spring 2013 collection for women. Who knew a woman could look so elegant in a pair of tailored suit pants? But when paired with a chiffon necktie blouse, leather belt, and fringed brown suede jacket, a woman can truly command attention from the entire room. Even their black chiffon evening gown, with its enchanting billowing skirt and plunging neckline, is accented with a tinge of menswear influence as it dons a silk collar and tuxedo belt. In the world of Yves Saint Laurent, there’s nothing a man can do that a woman can’t, and that includes the clothes we wear.

    You’d be hard pressed to find yourself in better hands this spring than Yves Saint Laurent’s  collection. By bringing androgyny and ambiguity to their collection, YSL has made the future of fashion all the more clear for trendsetters everywhere.