• The Life

    Liz Claman’s Not All Business

    • Mar 25, 2013

    • By:Erin Dostal

    A reporter for FOX Business Network since 2007, Liz Claman hasn’t only made it in the journalism industry, she owns it. Having interviewed the legendary Warren Buffett, Intel CEO Paul Otellini and Ford CEO Alan Mulally, among numerous others financial all-stars, Claman is a New York City power woman and stock market expert who calls New Jersey home. The California girl-cum-New Jersey mom opened up to HudsonMOD about her hobbies: Fashion, athletic activities, squirrel trapping—that’s right, squirrel trapping—and spending time with family.

    Define luxury.
    I grew up in Beverly Hills. Luxury there was baby Hermès pumps for little kids. Luxury, to me, is time. Time to sit at a restaurant and enjoy incredible food. Time to travel. Time to enjoy my surroundings. That said, Pratesi sheets don’t hurt at all.

    Tell me about New Jersey.
    I parachuted into New Jersey nearly by accident. My husband, then fiancé, was helping launch MSNBC, and I kept coming to visit him from Boston. When I got my job at CNBC, I had a long commute. I hate long commutes—I grew up in LA so I’m allergic to them. It was the best option for both of us to live in New Jersey.

    You’ve run the New York City Marathon and you’re a triathlete—is this how you have fun?
    Can you really enjoy jumping into the Hudson? I feel like I can say, “I did it.”

    Tell me a secret.
    If you’re on a boat at the exact right point on the Hudson River, you might be able to see me naked in my bedroom.

    In your career, have you faced any challenges because you’re a woman?
    I’ve always felt that the only challenges you take on are the ones you let in your path. I really feel that we’re all in control of our own destiny.

    You speak fluent French. Does that ever come in handy in NYC?
    In fact, I’m going to Le Bernardin tonight to meet Jean-Yves Fillion, CEO of BNP Paribas, a French bank. I’ve got my French and English dictionary right here preparing. I need to know how to say “tax changes” in French. I’m always looking for the next big story. and I’m a total Francophile.

    What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received?
    A hug from my dad—oh, and a Cartier bracelet from my husband.

    Describe your perfect day.
    Waking up and glancing at the Hudson River. I’ve learned to tell the weather just by looking at how the
    light comes off of it. Heading over to Jackson Hole diner in Englewood for an egg white, broccoli and Swiss cheese omelet and eating four bites of my daughter’s chocolate chip pancakes. Then, heading to the city and seeing an art exhibit or going to the NYC Fire Museum—we love to go there—and just exploring. Then lunch at the Carnegie Deli, where I’d have the extra lean corned beef—and end up at a Rangers hockey game. I also do a lot with my kids. I just built a squirrel trap with my son.

    How does one make a squirrel trap?
    We took a Prada shoebox, taped branches of evergreen to the sides, put almond butter inside as bait and
    propped it up. I’m a Jew from Beverly Hills. I don’t know how to trap squirrels.

    Do you see yourself staying in New Jersey forever?
    My kids go to school in the city. all their friends live in the city. I keep telling them it’s great to be different. At a certain point, I know they’ll want us to move there. I’ll always hold onto this house on the river in New Jersey, though. It really is my slice of heaven.